By simply sharing a cool design you love or a Creator you admire and follow, some example  commissions you could earn are:

7.5% on any garment purchased by someone using your link, or link to a design you like. And that’s for a full 6 months after they first click your unique Influencer Link. Whether they purchase the first time, another item or within 6 months time. Cool huh !

And for every person that becomes a Creator and publishes a design, we’ll reward you with $5 in Cool, Cold, Hard Cash ! Even if they sell a design or not. You can bank this and use it to buy a cool Tee later, or withdraw it when it reaches $25. * Some Special Influencer commissions are available to certain people/groups. Contact Us to find out more.

Share the love of winning designers like these and eARN bIG

You can share a direct link to a cool Tee and there are also heaps of banners and other cool ads you can share on Facebook, Insta, SnapChat and more. Or even your own blog or other sites.

So get to it Mama !


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