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General Questions

Who creates the designs?

The products we offer are all designed by everyday people like you! There are absolutely no restrictions on who can use our site. There is no fee to design and sell while using Design Posse, which means that there’s no need to be concerned with overhead costs like stock, printing machinery and warehouse/dispatch staff.

Where are products printed?

We fulfill orders based on your shipping address in order to get it to you as soon as possible. If you’re ordering internationally, odds are it will come from one of our Print Partners in the EU or the US. If you’re ordering domestically (within Australia) you can expect the order to ship from our production facility in Brisbane or one of our other Print Partners scattered throughout the Australia. We like to support local printers..

Where are the products manufactured?

We offer a ton of different options in our designer, and a common inquiry we get is about which items are manufactured in the Australia. At the moment,90% of our products are sourced outside of Australia. But we do stock things like our Eco-Friendly Tees which come from some innovative Aussies and some are fully recycled Tees.


It is 100% FREE to join Design Posse as a Creator.

You can use our design tool and publish your items for absolutely $0 cost.

You earn when someone orders one of your designs and you share in the profit. This can be anywhere from $10 an item and up to $20.

So if your designs are Killer, and you know how to promote them, then there is some serious coin potential for you.

We make a smaller percentage, but you will always know how much you earn as you set the Retail Price above our base costs.

So Register as  Creator for FREE now !

You can have your first design published within 15 minutes and your selling !

If you came up with the design entirely yourself then its 100% yours of course.

We do not make any claim over the intellectual property you create beyond allowing us to print and ship for you on our behalf.

Always be mindful that creativity exists within the either and some other designers may have similar ideas to your own. We do not enter into any dispute a creator may have with another creator or Intellectual Rights holder.

You agree when you hit Publish that you own the Intellectual rights to your design. Sometimes a Trademark or Copyright Holder requests Design Posse to take down a design if they feel it infringes their property. We always alert you of these requests and give you time to respond to the other party accordingly. But we must respect the decisions of Legal Courts and the Law of the time.

We are a group of Digital Ad Agency guys and girls from Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. We were paid handsomely to craft the messages for brands and get that message to the people.

But beyond brands, there is life. We have our desires, our views, our humour and our own sense of self and style.

“The creative adult is the child who survived.” — Lawrence Mather.

So we decided to spend much time building a technology platform that allowed anyone to express themselves easily and perhaps make a living from it.

So why don’t you either buy a cool Tee or become a Creator @ Design Posse yourself.

It’s free to join, free to design and nothing to pay upfront whatsoever.

Publish your first Design within 15 minutes.


And enjoy life……

“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.” — Lawrence Mather

30 Day “Make it Right” Policy

Here at Design Posse we want to make sure you love your order and if for any reason you’re not fully satisfied, we’re here to make things right. As long as you contact us within 30 days of receiving your order, we’ll provide a solution.

For any quality issues, be sure to provide clear photos of the the products on a flat, well lit surface. This quick and simple step will help us to provide a speedy resolution.

Cancellations and Amendments

All of our products are made to order specially for you. If you wish to cancel or amend your order, please use the link provided in your confirmation email. You can edit your order at any time before it goes to production. Please keep in mind that in some cases, this could be as soon as two hours for Rush shipping, just 12 hours for standard shipping, or once the listing ends (whichever comes first).

Once your order has gone to production, you may be eligible for a replacement/resolution depending on the situation. After you’ve received your order, you have 30 days to address any concerns you have.

  • Digital products: Digital product orders cannot be canceled or refunded once payment has been processed. For customers located in the UK/EU digital product orders cannot be canceled or refunded once download has begun. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.
  • Pre-sale orders: Pre-sale product orders cannot be cancelled after the pre-sale period has ended and production has begun.
  • Face mask / Neck Gaiter orders:  These items are final sale items and cannot be returned for safety reasons. If your face mask or gaiter is defective in any way,  please reach out and we’ll be happy to help.

Damaged/Quality Issues

For the fastest resolution, please include a photograph demonstrating the poor quality of the print or the damaged area of the item. The most optimal pictures are on a flat surface, with the tag and error clearly displayed. We will use this information to help you with your order, as well as eliminate errors in future printing.

Gift Returns/Exchanges

At Design Posse, we understand that gift-giving can be a complex art. If you’ve ordered or received a Design Posse product as a gift and it needs to be returned, our standard policies will apply.


  • PayPal: Any refunds processed will show back up in your Paypal account within 24 business hours. Please note, the refunded amount must be transferred back to your banking institution from your Paypal account.
  • Credit Card: Any refunds processed via your credit/debit card will show back up in your bank account within three to five business days.

Below are the general time frames and costs.

We do fulfil as close to the end customers address to save both time to delivery and freight charges.

You need more information

Other Questions

Please see our dedicated Influencer page at Become and Accredited Influencer.

But in short, you can earn commission by sharing a unique link that we give you. If someone buys after visiting Design Posse via your link, you can earn commission on those sales. From 7.5% of the sale price and up.

Some of our Influencer Programmes we run allow you to continue to earn a commission from those customers you introduced for a full 6 months of their purchases.

Some of our Programmes allow you to recruit others under you and also earn commission on their sales as well.

Other programmes reward you for just sending new visitors to Design Posse or for every new Creator that signs up and publishes a design.

We have a selection of banner ads you can promote and you can also just promote your favourite Creators or a particular design you like. If it goes viral, you could seriously make some good bucks $$.

Register HERE for free and check out the various programmes and benefits

We accept most major Credit Cards and also PayPal.

We are soon accepting Crypto, so stay tuned.

For B2B orders we can accept Bank Transfer. Contact your Concierge to find out more via:


Repeat Infringer Policy

Design Posse strives to create the best community possible for our buyers and sellers.

If we see that your account has violated any of our policies multiple times, we reserve the right to disable your entire account at our own discretion. If your account is disabled, all campaigns will be ended and you will be unable to access any remaining profits. If there are any remaining profits in your account, they will be re-invested back into our seller community.

Please note that we will terminate any accounts that are connected to previously disabled accounts.

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