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What is Design Posse?

Design Posse is an online Design Tool that allows anyone to start their own apparel Business.

No need to spend $100’s on holding stock. We print when one of your customers buys and we generally ship within 48 hours. You design, set your price above our base costs, share with your friends and network. We then Print and Ship for you and you make $$ !

E.g. Your design fully printed base cost is $16 You set a RRP of $35. You sell 20 T-shirts amongst your Social Media friends. Your Profit = $380.

We’re here for Creators, Musicians, YouTubers, Charities, Schools, Fun Runs, and Corporates. Or in fact anyone who wants to share their ideas and designs..

Some featured products from our Designers

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Sneak Peak  above at our new User Experience – Design on any device. Desktop, Tablet and even your Mobile.

Design a T-shirt on the train to work and who knows….you might be able to pay for a night out on the town by the end of work!

Some more design ideas to get your creativity flowing

About the Posse

The New Design Posse platform is bigger and better than ever.

New Stock — set minimum sales before going to print —  better pricing  —  Campaign Countdown to encourage shares and sales —  new Campaign Rules and Review Engine for Charities  —  reward people who share your campaign with our Affiliate Tracking code  —  dedicated pages for your Campaign and Creator Page for ongoing sales. Subscribe for updates and Member Discounts

Stay Cool – Your friends at The Posse

You can find us here

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Albert Park Vic AUSTRALIA 3205

p: +61 (0) 3 9017 7252 p2: +61 (0) 487052830 (Emergency)

Or use our Contact form HERE

Monday–Friday: 9:00AM–5:00PM
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00AM–3:00PM

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