Find out how corporate uniforms increases profits & improves employee performance.

Like it or not, the corporate working world is all about image. How other companies see you, how customers see you & more importantly, how the world sees your staff. Understanding how corporate uniforms increases profits could help take your business to the next level.

While the standards of dress are relaxing in many industries, this is not true for corporate business. How professional your team looks is often equated by customers with the standard of work or service your company offers.

However, as standards of dress become more relaxed, fewer people are prepared or able to present themselves in a manner that is fit for a more professional working environment.

Sure, dress codes can help to minimise any issues regarding appropriate dress, but they can also easily be misinterpreted or ignored. Meaning your employees will look mismatched & undermine the image that you have created for your business through branding & marketing efforts.

But why is it so important that people in the corporate sector dress in a formal manner?

Aside from helping to engender professional perceptions from clients & competitors, there are psychological benefits to standards of dress.

Formal clothing helps corporate workers obtain higher levels of respect, communicate professionalism & maintain a level of social distance in business relations.

According to a study published in SAGE journals in 2015, the formality of the clothes you wear may also influence self perception. People who wore formal clothes described themselves as competent & rational while those dressed in casual clothes were more likely to identify as friendly & laid-back.

The study went on to explain that formal clothes also increased participants abstract thinking capabilities, creativity & global perceptual processing. Essentially, it allowed them to take into account the whole picture instead of only small components. Enabling them to pursue long-term goals over short-term gains & approach problems with a creative mindset.

Not yet sold on why all corporate workers should be wearing formal clothing? Consider this:

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General found that wearing formal clothing created a feeling of dominance. This resulted in increased negotiation profits, less negotiation concession & higher testosterone levels.

The only problem – how do you ensure all staff are dressed to reap these psychological benefits? That’s where The Design Posse Creative Team comes in. We can solve this problem in 3 easy steps.

By purchasing uniforms for your corporate business you’re not only creating a unified, professional & recognisable image for your brand. But you’re also ensuring your whole team is ready to perform at the highest level possible as soon as they put their clothes on in the morning. It’s a no-brainer.

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