Design Posse does more than just print your designs.

We have a complete Donor Engagement Platform where we not only fulfil orders on-demand to save you Inventory costs, but its also a platform where you can run Design Competitions.

Engage donors in new ways to create a Design around a theme or current cause/campaign.

Full approval processes, and READ BELOW for the Magic.

Engage donors in meaningful ways to create an approved design around one of your current Causes or Themes.

Once approved, your donors can share their design amongst their friends and Social Media and their friends can buy and support your campaign.

Multiplying your reach and fundraising  10 x fold.

The Design Posse Competition platform handles everything: prints the T-shirts, and ships them for you

  • You set the retail price on top of the base costs. Profit can be $10-$30/garment
  • For Charities, they receive 85% of campaign profits
  • Facebook Friends of donors get exposed to your cause.
  • Donor gets social media kudos/approval/visibility AND so does your Charity and campaign
  • Capture new email addresses (opt-in). Build your list even if a registered donor doesn’t design or buy a T-Shirt
  • Earn $ when people do buy a T-Shirt
  • Donors can simply share your competition page on our platform via Social media and grow your audience because it’s engaging and fun
  • Walking Billboards of your cause on the chests of people everywhere
  • Total financial transparency for NFP via dashboard and bi-weekly funds settlement
  • ECO and Fair Trade Approved garment Options
  • Nothing out of pocket ! Zero setup. Reporting dashboard

The Process

  • Set The Rules
  • Set up allowed images / Graphics
  • Share your Comp link to your Database
  • Donor Creates Design for Approval
  • Design Approved / Rejected
  • Donor Shares their design with friends
  • T-Shirt purchased
  • Item printed within 48 hours and shipped
  • Funds remitted to NFP bi-weekly
  • New email addresses added to NFP Database
  • Possible Design Winner announced

Once you decide on your Campaign Theme and guidelines are set, the total setup time for a Competition  on the Platform is about 1 hour.

Leave the rest to us. But you can watch your campaign progress live via our Reporting Dashboards.

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